24-Pack Sockeye Salmon

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“Alaskan Salmon you completely changed the game, best ever - just unbelievable.”

- Masaya Kitayama
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I've been buying salmon from Whole Foods for years until a colleague recommended Alaskan Salmon Company. I've never had salmon this good. If you're thinking about it, just do it..

star icon - Ben R, Texas

Hand Selected And Cut

Perfectly portioned fillets of the best seafood Alaska has to offer.

Out With The Old

Stop buying old seafood, you deserve the best! We flash freeze our seafood at peak freshness, so it's ready when you are.

Wild Nutrients

The purest form of nutrients will never come from pill or powders.

Served At Micheling-Starred And Leading Restaurants

Alaskan Salmon Star Review

“Before working with Alaskan Salmon, I have never preferred using wild salmon. By the time it reaches my kitchen the meat is in a bad shape and smells spoiled. Now I can smell the fresh Alaskan ocean every week when we open the box”

Wild With Benefits Health, Vitality, Happiness Shop Salmon

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