Our mission is to provide the most exclusive wild caught salmon from the Copper River directly to our consumers. We want to transform the standard of what we eat and where it comes from by delivering the freshest product straight from its natural source. We’re proud to give people newfound access to the most prized salmon on earth, while supporting local fishermen, the local economy, and proper sustainable practices.


Led by founder Kyle Lee, the Alaskan Salmon team is made up of fishermen families from all over Alaska, with a wide range of knowledge and experience going back generations. Their deep connection to the environment and respect for the river can be experienced through the salmon, bringing people closer to each other and to this special place.

Alaskan Salmon was created because families deserve to know where their seafood comes from. The majority of salmon available in U.S. grocery stores is often processed overseas and re-imported through a long supply chain of middlemen. Our operation gives you direct access to the highest quality seafood, straight from the source.


World renowned for its wild ecosystem and the most highly prized wild salmon stocks in the world, the Copper River is a natural treasure that has long provided for fishermen and their communities. Its powerful, glacier-cold waters create a long upstream journey for the salmon that spawn each year, creating rich and delicious Omega-3 fatty acids unlike anything else in the world.

The annual fishing season here is brief, ensuring that this incredible resource is sustainably maintained for generations to come. With such an incredible product and limited supply, Copper River salmon has traditionally been reserved for Michelin-starred restaurants. By allowing our customers to reserve their share of the first catch, they’ll be receiving the exact same salmon delivered to the finest restaurants in the country.


When the State of Alaska grants our fishermen permits to fish, often for only a few days or hours at a time, the team will go out and catch salmon using low-impact methods and meticulous handling practices. Quality seafood starts with the fishermen, who must process the salmon with care to prevent bruising and damage. Once the boats return to shore, the salmon is vacuum sealed and then flash frozen at peak freshness, minimizing frost and keeping the cells intact. After being stored in sub-zero temperatures for 3 days, the salmon is sushi-grade and ready to ship out to customers.

Our team manages the full journey from the river to your front door with no third party distributors or middlemen, ensuring that your salmon arrives as direct as possible with minimal handling.


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