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Created by a fisherman, raised by the fleet. Alaskan Salmon Company was born out of an incredible love for amazing seafood.

Our founder, Kyle Lee, has a passion for fresh, wild, sustainably caught seafood that is both delicious and healthy. Our company is dedicated to giving you direct access to that amazing seafood straight from our docks in Alaska.

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Alaskan Salmon Memorable Dinner Table

Memories Are Created Around the Dinner Table!

We're passionate about providing better education about seafood and helping you find more confidence in the meals you're making. Check out our easy and nutritious recipes that we're sure you'll be enjoying for years to come!

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Meet the Founder

Hey! I'm Kyle Lee, the Founder and one of the Captains of Alaskan Salmon Company. I started Alaskan Salmon Company after I began commercial fishing and realized there was a stark difference in quality between the salmon we were catching vs. the salmon I would find at grocery stores in the states.

After learning that the majority of wild Alaskan seafood goes through 7-10 middlemen, I decided to gather fishermen from the best ports in Alaska and deliver our fresh catch directly to you!

I can't wait for you to join our community and taste the difference in our fresh, delicious seafood!

Alaskan Salmon Company Founder-- Kyle Lee
Alaskan Salmon Company Founder-- Kyle Lee Alaskan Salmon Company Founder-- Kyle Lee
Alaskan Salmon Company-Kyle's favorite seafood

Wild Sockeye Salmon

"There's just so much natural flavor. Everytime I cook salmon, I'll cut off a few extra pieces, and just eat it raw. It's that good. You can't really say that about most salmon you see in grocery stores."

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