• “Before working with Alaskan Salmon, I have never preferred using wild salmon. By the time it reaches my kitchen the meat is in a bad shape and smells spoiled. Now I can smell the fresh Alaskan ocean every week when we open the box”

    - Nobu
  • “Alaskan Salmon you completely changed the game, best ever - just unbelievable.”

    - Masaya Kitayama
  • “I wish we were able to order more!”

    - Ed Scarpone
  • “If you're looking for the finest Alaskan salmon, look no further!”

    - Todd Gray
  • “It's the Cadillac of salmon”

    - Forbes
Alaskan Salmon About Us
About Alaskan Salmon

We bring you direct access to the same fish served in the nation’s top restaurants. Straight from Alaska, fished by a handful of passionate fishing families, no middlemen involved, our Copper River Salmon and Alaskan seafood is unmatched.

From Alaska to You

We Manage The Journey

Caught by Alaskan fishing families
Hand prepared & packaged in Alaska
Delivered directly to your front door
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In Season

  • Copper River Salmon

    12 count box 6 oz fillets

    Created for the ultimate salmon lovers! Known for its high heart-healthy omega-3 oil content, our salmon box will fill your freezer with tender and succulent Copper River salmon portions.

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  • Chefs’ Selection

    12 count box 6 oz fillets

    Inspired by our work with the top chefs, each month we select a mix of the best Alaskan seafood available—all shipped straight to your door. You will always be surprised and delighted to open your Chef’s Special!

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Fabio Trabocchi


Nobu Yamazaki


Toshi Kizaki


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