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“The Brilliant Red Salmon That’s Worth The Splurge”

The New York Times

We are thrilled to announce the first wild Alaskan salmon run of the year is right around the corner!

Pro-tip: We sold out in 3 weeks last year so make sure to sign-up to be notified first.

Alaskan Salmon Just
Got Better

Used By Top Chefs

Who We Are

We are a family of Alaskan fisherman who had a vision to provide the most exclusive wild Alaskan salmon from the infamous Copper River directly to consumers. This is a quality of salmon typically reserved for high-end restaurants, but our mission is to let salmon enthusiasts all over the US purchase it themselves with no middle-man.

Pro-Tip: We sold out in 3 weeks last year so make sure to sign-up to be notified first.

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Due to the high demand we’re accepting limited pre-orders for those who ‘must have’ when the seasons begins.

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We will notify you when the season has started and when the limited pre-orders go live.

Purchase Your Salmon

In order to ensure as many people can try Copper River Salmon as possible we are limiting the amount of salmon each customer can purchase.

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Why Copper River Salmon?

Copper River

The Copper River packs a punch like no other; long, cold, and powerful it creates an upstream journey like no other for these salmon. Due to this, Copper River salmon contain higher Omega-3 fat content which gives it the most delicious flavor and health benefits.

No Middle Man

We are the only provider in the world to ship Copper River salmon directly from boat to customer. You’ll be surprised to find out that many online fish markets are selling you last year’s catch that has been frozen over multiple times.

Sushi Grade Salmon

The salmon you receive from us is the same salmon that we sell to Michelin grade restaurants all across the world. We are thrilled to offer this service directly to your home.’ and change ‘all across the world.’ to ‘all across the U.S..

What People Are Saying

“Before working with Alaskan Salmon, I have never preferred using wild salmon. By the time it reaches my kitchen the meat is in bad shape and smells spoiled. But now I can smell the fresh Alaskan ocean every week when we open the box.”


“It’s the Cadillac of salmon”


I have been buying Wild King Salmon from Kyle and his company for many years. The fish has always been extraordinarily fresh and delivered with the utmost care and attention. We always look forward to the 1st call from Kyle alerting us on the season’s opening. If you’re looking for the finest Alaskan salmon… look no further!’

Todd Gray Chef/ Co Owner Equinox Restaurant

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