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We are Alaskan fishermen bringing the most prized salmon right to your door. Directly from the Copper River, the quality of our salmon is unmatched and we believe you deserve to experience it.

Due To The Special And Seasonal Nature Of This Product, Supplies Are Limited. Be Sure To Sign-Up And Join Our Summer Waitlist.

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LIMIT 2 BOXES PER CUSTOMER--Because of the exclusivity of Copper River salmon and our desire to spread the wealth, we’re limiting the amount each customer can purchase.


Why Alaskan Salmon?

Copper River

The Copper River’s rugged and frigid terrain requires the salmon to retain higher Omega-3 fats, creating the most delicious flavor while supercharging their health benefits.

No Middle Man

The less your fish is handled, the better! We’ve shortened the supply chain so you never have to sacrifice quality for convenience. 

Sushi Grade Salmon

The Copper River salmon you receive from us is the same salmon that we deliver to Michelin-starred restaurants across the US. 


Renowned across the culinary world and valued for its rich flavor and high Omega-3 content, fresh-caught Alaskan salmon from the Copper River is a delicacy that few have been able to truly experience.

When we head out to the ocean, our fishermen follow meticulous procedures to handle each fish as minimally as possible, ensuring it remains as beautifully intact as nature created. Once back onshore, the salmon is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen at its peak freshness, then transported by plane directly to you within days. Normally reserved for the finest restaurants in the US, we’re thrilled to make this incredible resource accessible to everyone.

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