1. It's Wild-Caught Salmon

Our team catches salmon using low-impact methods and meticulous handling practices. The majority of salmon available in U.S. grocery stores is often processed overseas and re-imported through a long supply chain of middlemen. Our operation gives you direct access to the highest quality seafood, straight from the source.

2. Prepared with Love

We begin our meticulous preparation the moment we bring the salmon on board. Once caught, we place the fresh salmon in slush water protecting the salmon by suspending them so they are not squeezed and stacked on top of each other. Giving you a high-quality salmon.

3. Shipped Directly to You

The salmon is vacuum sealed, then flash frozen at peak freshness, minimizing frost and keeping the cells intact. After being stored in sub-zero temperatures for 3 days, the salmon is sushi-grade and ready to ship out to customers. We then package your order with dry ice and ship overnight directly to your door.

Why Wild-Caught Salmon Is Better

icon Contains vitamin B12 and D
icon Salmon is wild-caught, never farmed
icon Heart and brain healthy omega-3’s
icon Sustainable seafood

In Season

  • Copper River Salmon

    12 count box 6 oz fillets

    Created for the ultimate salmon lovers! Known for its high heart-healthy omega-3 oil content, our salmon box will fill your freezer with tender and succulent Copper River salmon portions.

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  • Chefs’ Selection

    12 count box 6 oz fillets

    Inspired by our work with the top chefs, each month we select a mix of the best Alaskan seafood available—all shipped straight to your door. You will always be surprised and delighted to open your Chef’s Special!

    View Product
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