Monthly Deliveries of Fresh, Wild-Caught Alaskan Seafood.

Sustainable, Wild‑Caught, Sushi‑Grade, Premium Seafood!

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Caught by local Alaskan fisherman

Why Alaskan Salmon Company?

Wild-caught seafood directly from Alaskan fishermen.

Store bought picture Store Bought Salmon Alaskan Salmon Company
Zero Chemical Exposure No Yes
100% Wild-Caught, Never Farmed No Yes
Save Time - Delivered To You No Yes
Sustainably Sourced No Yes
Flash Frozen At Peak Freshness No Yes

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How it works.


Customized Orders

Customize your box to get the seafood you love. Choose your box type, size, and frequency to fit your lifestyle.


We Catch & Prepare

Your Personal Fisherman™ will catch your seafood using low-impact methods from the best waters throughout Alaska.


Delivered Straight to You

Your seafood is carefully hand-prepped, vacuum sealed, flash frozen at peak freshness, and shipped directly to you.

Shipped directly to Michelin-starred chefs, sushi masters, & seafood enthusiasts.

Salmon Nigiri
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From the Docks Straight To Your Door!

Caught by Alaskan fishing families and delivered to you. No middle men!

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Over 100,000+ Fillets Delivered!

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This is my 3rd box. It's amazing to have such high quality seafood delivered directly to your house! It helps me and my family stay consistent with healthier meals.

- Priya P, California

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My wife has never liked seafood, but the quality from Alaskan Salmon Company is unbelievable! I'm so glad we get to eat seafood more often now!

- Erik S, Colorado

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I am OBSESSED! I have eaten your salmon every day this week!:) My skin looks and feels amazing. I go longer without being hungry between meals!

- Mary G, New York

Benefits of Wild-Caught Salmon.

  • + High in selenium for hormonal balance
  • + Omega-3s for heart and brain health
  • + Buttery texture & savory flavor
  • + Purest form of Vitamin D & E to boost immune system
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Salmon filets

Sustainable  |  Wild-Caught  |  Sushi-Grade  |  Premium Seafood!

Sustainable  |  Wild-Caught  |  Sushi-Grade  |  Premium Seafood!

Sustainable  |  Wild-Caught  |  Sushi-Grade  |  Premium Seafood!

Sustainable  |  Wild-Caught  |  Sushi-Grade  |  Premium Seafood!