10 Best White Fish to Eat According to Chefs

Even the most seasoned seafood enthusiasts occasionally get mixed up with white fish and red fish. Fortunately, they are easy to distinguish. After all, it’s in the name!

The most popular white fish are not just mild, flaky, and delicious – they provide ample health benefits that make your stomach and the rest of your body happy.

This article will underscore the best types of white fish that cook quickly and require minimal preparation.

What is White Fish?

White fish describes various mild-flavored fish with white flesh. These fish are typically lean and have a delicate taste and texture. Some examples of white fish include cod, haddock, hake, pollock, and sole.

They are often preferred for their versatility in cooking, as their neutral flavor pairs well with various seasonings and cooking methods, making them a popular choice for dishes like fish and chips, baked fish, and fish tacos.

In addition, white fish are among the healthiest fish to eat, supporting the immune system, fighting inflammation, and keeping the bones strong.

What’s the Difference Between Red and White Fish?

The main difference between red and white fish lies in the color of their flesh and the types of fish they refer to. Red fish, like salmon and trout, are pink to reddish due to their diet rich in pigments like astaxanthin. They also tend to have a more robust flavor and higher fat content, contributing to their distinctive taste and flakiness.

White fish, on the other hand, such as cod, haddock, and sole, have white or pale flesh, are leaner, and boast a milder flavor, making them versatile for various cooking methods and seasoning options.

10 Best White Fish to Eat According to Chefs

White fish are popular for consumption due to their mild flavor and versatility in cooking. Some of the most popular white fish include:

1. Cod

Cod is one of the best-tasting saltwater fish on the market. Its neutral taste allows for various seasoning and preparation methods, making it a favorite in various cuisines worldwide. Whether used in classic dishes like fish and chips or elevated through gourmet recipes, cod's adaptable nature, and appealing characteristics make it a popular choice for both home cooks and professional chefs.

2. Halibut

Halibut has a firm yet tender flesh, mild flavor, and the ability to hold up well in various cooking methods. Its large, flaky fillets make it ideal for grilling, baking, or pan-searing, allowing for various culinary applications. Halibut’s versatility and highly absorbent, delicate taste make it a sought-after choice for creating simple and elaborate seafood dishes.

3. Flounder

Flounder is an excellent canvas for various culinary creations. Its thin fillets have a tender texture that lends well to quick cooking methods like pan-frying and baking. Flounder's versatility is perfect for classic dishes and more innovative recipes, appealing to many palates. Its adaptable nature and subtle taste make it a standout choice for those seeking light and flavorful seafood.

4. Haddock

Haddock has a firm yet flaky texture and a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Its versatility in traditional and contemporary cuisines makes it perfect for frying, baking, and grilling. Haddock absorbs flavors and bolder seasonings like pesto and lemon juice effectively.

5. Sea Bass

Sea bass is milder than most fish and has a perfectly meaty consistency. It is similar to cod, but with a slightly more buttery texture. Even a simple preparation of pan-seared, seasoned sea bass will shine, but you can always pair it with steamed vegetables, boiled rice, or quinoa for some added punch.

6. Sole

Like most white fish, sole is buttery and slightly sweet but with an unexpected hint of nuttiness. While it has a firm, meaty flesh, it flakes apart easily and melts in the mouth. You can cook sole in a simple brown butter mixture in a pan or pair it with a lemon-herb butter on the grill.

7. Tilapia

Tilapia is perhaps the most accessible and affordable white fish on the market. Not to mention, it has over 25% of your daily recommended phosphorus intake! As a mild-flavored fish, it doesn’t have an over-pungent flavor, and it boasts a sweet profile. It pairs wonderfully with rice, casserole, and potatoes.

8. Catfish

If you’re looking for the best freshwater white fish to eat, catfish is your guy. Catfish is popular for its easy preparation, high nutritional value, and delicious taste. It’s a sweet white fish packed with lean protein and healthy fats. Individuals on a caloric deficit can bake or broil catfish without compromising its taste! You can serve catfish fillets with collard greens, yellow rice, or potatoes.

9. Pollock

Pollock’s flaky texture makes it suitable for various cooking methods, from baking to frying and even in processed foods like fish sticks. It’s also rife with health benefits – it improves heart health and can reduce inflammation. Pollock even fights cancer! Pair pollock with mushy peas, anchovy crumbs, and radish salad!

10. Perch

Frying is the most popular cooking method for perch, which tastes fantastic even with the skin on. It lacks an overly fishy taste and goes perfectly with a side of steamed vegetables, classic french fries, coleslaw, or sauteed spinach. Households love perch because it’s easy to cook and doesn’t require much preparation.


Whether saltwater or freshwater-dwelling, white fish’s signature mild and sweet taste is incomparable to others. Rife with health benefits and perfect for families and home chefs requiring quick meal ideas, white fish is among the most popular in the seafood world for a reason!

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