Copper River Salmon

Copper River Salmon
12 fillets | 4.5 lbs per box 6 oz per fillet
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“Alaskan Salmon you completely changed the game, best ever - just unbelievable.”

- Masaya Kitayama
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$15.75 per meal
Product Details: Created for the ultimate salmon lovers! Prized for its exceptionally high heart-healthy omega-3 oil content, our salmon box will fill your freezer with tender and succulent Copper River salmon portions.
Your order includes:
  • check icon 6 Sockeye salmon - 6 oz per fillet
  • check icon 6 Coho salmon - 6 oz per fillet
  • check icon Individually cut & packaged

Why Wild-Caught Salmon Is Better

icon Contains vitamin B12 and D
icon Salmon is wild-caught, never farmed
icon Heart and brain healthy omega-3’s
icon Sustainable seafood

Frequently Asked

Is Copper River salmon from Alaska?



Can I eat salmon raw?


Yes! Our flash-freezing process makes all of our salmon and seafood Sushi Grade! The FDA states that consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, and seafood products may increase the risk of foodborne illness.

How does your subscription work?


Select how often you would like your salmon delivered and relax! Save yourself a trip to the grocery store! Before each shipment, we will send you a friendly email reminder where you can manage your shipment.

How is my salmon prepared and shipped?


Our Copper River salmon are hand-cut into 6 oz fillets. Then we vacuum-seal and flash-freeze them in our super freezer. We package them in an insulated container with dry ice and ship them overnight directly to you!

What’s a super-freezer?


Our freezers are specifically designed to preserve our seafood’s quality. Since we freeze at -30 ° the moisture inside the salmon doesn’t have time to crystalize, preserving the texture of the seafood. It also protects drying of the healthy oils and nutrients.