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We are Alaskan fishermen bringing the most prized salmon right to your door. Directly from the Copper River, the quality of our salmon is unmatched and we believe you deserve to experience it.

Due To The Special And Seasonal Nature Of This Product, Supplies Are Limited. Be Sure To Sign-Up And Join Our Summer Waitlist.

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Why Alaskan Salmon?

Copper River

The Copper River packs a punch like no other; long, cold, and powerful it creates an upstream journey like no other for these salmon. Due to this, Copper River salmon contain higher Omega-3 fat content which gives it the most delicious flavor and health benefits.

No Middle Man

We are the only provider in the world to ship Copper River salmon directly from boat to customer. You’ll be surprised to find out that many online fish markets are selling you last year’s catch that has been frozen over multiple times.

Sushi Grade Salmon

The salmon you receive from us, is the same salmon that we sell to Michelin grade restaurants all across the world. This is just the first time we are giving access to the general public;

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