For The Ultimate Salmon Lover.
Try Alaska’s most famous salmon. Used by leading chef’s delivered straight to your door.


6 x Copper River Sockeye Fillets.
6 x Copper River Coho Fillets.
Flash Frozen at Peak Freshness.
Individually Vaccum-packed for convenience.

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Why over 1,000+ customers
choose us every month

Hand-selected and cut

12 fillets of the best salmon “Alaska has to offer. Hand cut and delivered to your door, or wherever you are.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Stop buying old seafood at the grocery store; you deserve the best! We flash freeze our salmon at peak freshness, making sure you only receive the best of the best.

Wild Nutrients

The purest form of nutrients wil never come from pills or powders.

Alaskan Salmon Lover

“It’s unbelievable! Very few things exceed our built-up expectations, anything in life! This is one of them. The flavor along with texture is like no other salmon I’ve ever had.”

- Steve L, New York

Your Meals Just Got Better

We removed all the middlemen, connecting you directly to the fisherman. Giving you FRESHER and more FLAVORFUL salmon.


Copper River Salmon

Created for the ultimate salmon lovers! Prized for its exceptionally high heart-healthy omega-3 oil content, our salmon box will fill your freezer with tender and succulent Copper River salmon portions.

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Served At Micheling-Starred And Leading Restaurants

Alaskan Salmon Star Review

“Before working with Alaskan Salmon, I have never preferred using wild salmon. By the time it reaches my kitchen the meat is in a bad shape and smells spoiled. Now I can smell the fresh Alaskan ocean every week when we open the box.”

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