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Copper River Sockeye Salmon is coveted by chefs and food enthusiasts for its robust and explosive flavor that shines through no matter how it’s prepared. Also known as Red Salmon, sockeye features a brilliant red hue that indicates its rich and savory profile. Combining a high oil content and firm texture, this dynamic and versatile salmon can hold its distinctive taste in complex dishes or simply enjoy on its own.

Estimated Ship Date: 5-7 days after order is placed.

5lbs per box | 12-14 fillets



Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other key nutrient

  • Serving Size: 6 oz
  • 337 calories per serving
  • 46 g of protein per serving
  • 2,057 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving

Direct from the ocean to your door.

Our fishermen follow meticulous procedures to handle each fish as little as possible, ensuring it remains as beautifully intact as nature created. Once back onshore, the salmon is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen at its peak freshness, then transported by plane directly to you within days.

Storage tips and information

Rinse and dry salmon before placing it in a sealable plastic bag and removing as much air as possible. Copper River Sockeye Salmon will stay fresh when stored in the fridge at 32° F for up to 2 days, or when stored in the freezer at 0° F for 9 to 12 months.

Before cooking, thaw in the fridge for 24 hours and coat salmon in salt to extract moisture and intensify its natural umami flavor.

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